The secrets to a happy well-behaved dog

Dog Training in London offers

One to one consultations, Book, Videos and a dog training/sitting service available in London and other parts of England (please enquire).

One To One Help

Choose between a behavioural consultation to address any issues or a puppy consultation to ensure you start off on the right track.

Dog Sitting Services

Dog training in London offers a dog sitting service with training. Are you going away on business, holiday or for any other reason, and worry about the welfare of your dog?

The Book

The Dog Guardian book (available in paperback and eBook format) is packed full of practical advice, step-by-step instructions and case studies. All this will set you on the road to becoming the guardian of a happy and well- behaved dog.

Dog & Puppy Training In London

We offer one to one consultations, hands on dog training
and a dog sitting service in London. We have experience
in all types of dog behaviour including:

Whatever the problem Dog Training in London can help. Be it a long list of ongoing problems that have been occurring for many years or if you wanted to learn to understand your dog/ puppy so problems do not arise in the future. In any scenario, Dog training in London can help by revealing an effective gentle communication which all dogs understand. Once you understand and adopt this communication, your dog will look to you for guidance in each area of their lives. As a result all the undesirable behaviour will disappear to create a positive relationship.

The one to one consultations, hands on dog training and dog training/sitting service is available in the West, North, South, Central and East of London and other parts of England (please enquire).

Each service includes lifetime support.

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