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Nervous dogs

One of the most tragic sights for an owner is to see their dog look anxious, nervous or scared. The dog not understanding the world can become overwhelmed with

What does it take to successfully train a dog?

It is commonly thought, to successfully train a dog requires an owner who has time, is able to give their dog plenty of exercise and has a stern voice. If these are indeed the most important qualities, why is it that there are many well-intentioned dog owners who adhere to this thinking but own dogs […]

How to stop your dog play biting

When an owner welcomes a dog into their home, a common behavioural problem that occurs is play biting.  Dogs who play bite can hurt people; puppies are renowned with their sharp pin like teeth to cause pain whereas bigger dogs who play bite can scare the owners as well as hurt them. A dog play […]

Dog training vs needs fulfilling

It is common belief amongst the public that all dogs must be trained. Many responsible dog owners will seek to fulfil this mission and look to train their dogs in the form of a training class. In this class you will likely be taught the basics such as how to get your dog to sit, […]

Can we stereotype breeds of dogs?

Every dog in our home has descended from the grey wolf and was originally bred for a specific purpose. Small dogs such as Jack Russells were bred specifically to fit down holes to catch rabbits. Huskies were bred strong with thick coats so they could pull sleds and survive in freezing temperatures. Most dogs now […]

Lessons from nature

A lesson in nature and subtlety When a canine communicates, its action can be missed by the human eye but the reaction can mean life or death. Understanding the subtlety of their communication is key for your canine to have faith in your reactions to a problem. A good leader does not get angry and […]

Toilet training your puppy

Toilet training your puppy should begin the first day he arrives into your home. An eagle eye is needed in the beginning to identify the signs of when your dog needs the toilet. Do not think you will recognise the signs on every occasion but you can prepare yourself. Typically, a dog needs the toilet […]

How long does it take to train a dog?

How long does it take to train a dog? A common question when training the dog is ‘How long will it take to train the dog?’ An understandable question! However one which will be different with every dog due to every owner, dog, problem, environmental factors and situation being different. Common problems Dogs display all […]

Psychology of the dog

Dog Psychology The psychology of the dog has been misinterpreted by many ‘experts’ in the past, present and will continue into the future. All animals on the planet have a psychology from the ant to the elephant. The psychology of these animals can be understood by observing them in their natural environment whilst asking ‘ […]

Can we learn from wolves?

Are dogs like wolves? A common question when training our dogs is “Are dogs similar to their ancestor the wolf and can we learn from their ancestors?” The answer will vary hugely depending on the sources opinion. Evidence suggests but no one is sure that the dog evolved from the wolf around 50 000 years ago. […]

Dogs who are scared of fireworks / loud noises

Dogs (like people) are instinctively alarmed when hearing a loud noise such as fireworks, thunderstorms or cars exhaust banging.  A person who hears a loud noise is only likely to be momentarily shocked whereas a dog may be in fear for a long time afterwards. This is due to a person being capable to quickly […]

Dangerous Dogs Act Debate on Radio

The dangerous dogs act debate continues as more innocent people victim to negligent owners. Has the government helped the issue? Or made it worse? What is the overall problem? The banned breeds of dogs are Pit Bull Terrier Japanese Tosa Dogo Argentino Fila Braziliero However the media reports many stories where people are attacked by breeds […]

The foundations of dog training

To train your dog to be well behaved for example with other dogs, to respect your visitors space, to listen when you let them off lead and many other scenarios, it will be much easily achieved if you work on the foundations in the home. The irony of the common practice of going to dog […]

Pulling on The Lead By Vicky Kelly

By Vicky Kelly Have you ever felt like your dog is taking you for a walk rather than the other way round?  Do you have two dogs, who both want to take you for a walk?  Occasionally I’ll look out of the window to see a young man who lives in my road being taken […]

Dog Training Talk on November the 22nd

Hello, Dog Training in London presents the first hour taster session into canine behaviour at the Jam Tree pub W14 in Shepherds Bush on November the 22nd at 7:30pm. The talk will cover pack hierarchy and give an insight into canine communication by examining natural wolf behaviour revealing hints and tips on how to train […]

Reducing the dogs state

In order for the dog to be receptive to information they need to be in a calm state. Once their state heightens their focus will not be on you and the task in hand making their behaviour problematic.  In order to successfully communicate we need to be able to reduce the dogs state in any […]

Dog aggression on people and dogs

One of the worst problems your dog can have is aggression towards people or other dogs. One thing to remember is that your dog does not want to behave like this but they believe it is necessary. People make the mistake of blaming the breed or believing the dog can never be relaxed as they […]

Monty Roberts (The Horse Whisperer)

I decided to go and check out Monty Roberts’s horsemanship demonstration after reading his book and watching the DVD. I have the utmost respect for anyone who  can stay patient and is able to change their own behaviour in order for the animal to feel at ease so was keen to see it in action. I was […]

Other peoples dogs

As dogs’ guardians, it is our job to ensure their safety at all times. The urban environment has an abundance of threats which could compromise our dogs’ safety including traffic on the roads, dangerous objects and parks from which they can escape. Whilst these examples are potentially dangerous, most owners have their own dogs under […]

Dogs that jump up

Respecting the universal rule of personal space is taught to most of us from childhood. There are however many dogs that do not understand this rule and invade the space of strangers/ family/friends and their owners.  Intrusive actions such as dogs that jump up, nudging and invading space can be problematic to an individual, particularly […]

Dog Training tips: No 1 Make sure you and the dog are calm

When we want to know “how to train a dog”, the first port of call is often to seek out help from dog training experts who run dog-training classes.  We may go through the process of researching the best dog trainer via Google, Facebook or ask the vet or friends for recommendations. Whilst I have nothing […]

Canine language

What dogs look for in our language. Every owner understands when getting a dog it is them who will have to provide for the dogs needs be it food, security or teaching them how to behave etc.  However the way many dogs act in certain situations would insinuate that they do not have the same […]

Dog training tip no 2 manage your home

The concept of dog obedience can be hard to achieve if you do not manage your home properly. As there are often areas in the home environment where the dog acquires bad habits. For example a place where they habitually bark, attempt to escape, objects they can chew, toilet etc which can hinder the process as […]

How to train your dog to walk to heel

Before beginning to teach your dog to walk to heel, make sure that you are both prepared and happy. It is vital to understand that the dog’s needs have to be met before teaching it anything, so make sure it is not hungry or desperate for the toilet, and that you both feel safe. To […]

Why are some dogs only aggressive when on a lead?

A very common problem owners experience are when their dog becomes aggressive whilst on lead but are fine when they off lead. The owner often becomes stumped whilst trying to make sense of the dogs’ actions. They will come to many elaborate guesses to explain this behaviour but will fail to come up with the […]

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Separation anxiety in dogs There are some dogs that become extremely distressed as soon as the owners leave their homes. The anxiety from being separated from their owner may manifest itself in many forms such as howling, whining, chewing objects in the home, toileting and/or constant pacing. This experience is very traumatic for the dog […]