The secrets to a happy well-behaved dog

Dog Behavioural Consultations

Once I fully understand all of your concerns, I will explain why these problems are occurring and your dogs’ motivation’s of behaviour.


This will help you understand and empathise with your dog by knowing where the behaviour stems from .

I will then reveal a language based on canine communication that all dogs understand no matter the age or the breed of your dog.

Once you adopt this language you will able to effectively communicate with your dog.  As a result of this communication your dog will understand your intentions and look to you for answers in every area of their lives. Once this happens all the undesirable behaviour will disappear.


The communication taught is an ongoing process and it really does work for everyone who applies it correctly. Consultations last between 3-5 hours and include lifetime support  by phone or email if you need further guidance.  This is to ensure that I am there for you if you ever need me in the future.  The service is a one off payment of £225 .

You will also receive exclusive access to the dog training in London’s training videos. The videos show all types of behaviour with real life examples of how the communication works to address even the toughest of cases.  (please see the dog training videos section for the free samples on pulling on the lead and separation anxiety)