The secrets to a happy well-behaved dog

Puppy Consultations

When a puppy arrives in your home it will no doubt be a pleasure to have about. This bundle of joy will make you laugh and smile many times every day. However in the majority of scenarios there will be lots of work with many aspects to consider including :

The secret to understanding these issues is by identifying your puppy’s needs. If you misunderstand any aspect of your puppy’s needs it will likely misbehave and result in stress for both you and your puppy. For example some owners are advised to exercise their puppies to tire them out without understanding why the problem behaviour occurred in the first place. In one particular case I recall an owner exercising their erratic seven month old puppy for many hours a day to tire them out. On closer inspection the erratic behaviour was down to the dog feeling unsafe in the home and so paced about. This resulted in many hours of counterproductive interaction for the owner and puppy, as well as a risk to their puppy’s mental and physical health. Once the owner understood the puppy's need behind the problem behaviour they were able to successfully address it. A puppy training consultation will help you address every issue to ensure you have a great mutual understanding relationship.
The puppy training consultations will take place in your home and lasts between 2 – 3 hours. The service is a one off fee of £200 which includes my book (The Dog Guardian) and lifetime support by phone or email. See the prices page for follow up deals.